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Study: COVID-19 Impact on Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

VPMR Admin
April 26, 2021

Researchers at Mount Sinai are conducting a survey on how COVID-19 has impacted the spinal cord injury community. The goal of this study is to meet the needs of the SCI community as they relate to pandemics and other natural disasters. If you have a spinal cord injury or disorder of any cause whether you had COVID-19 yourself or not you may qualify for a 10-15 minute questionnaire conducted online or over the telephone.

If you wish to enroll or need further information please contact:
Andrew Delgado at 332-215-2940 or
Arianny Ramirez at 332-215-2959 or
Kristell Delgado at 332-215-2939 or

Poster image describing the study and the individuals to contact.