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Ability 360 Gym

Main website for the sports and fitness center dedicated to “offering and promoting programs to empower people with all disabilities”.

Medical Equipment Evaluation, Spasticity Management, Spinal Cord Injury Management, Stroke Management, Traumatic Brain Injury Management, Wellness and Mindfulness

Action Center (United Spinal Association)

United Spinal advocates for disability rights, empowers members by providing resources, and promotes independence in its members through employments and service access.

Law and Advocacy

Arizona Center for Disability Law

Law and Advocacy

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association

Spinal Cord Injury Management

A.T. Still Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy PDF

A.T. Still University’s Center for Occupational and Physical Therapy is a pro-bono student clinic.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Avoiding Spinal Cord Injuries Videos (ISCoS)

Presentations and Education

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

Resource for brain injury patients in AZ.

Stroke Management, Traumatic Brain Injury Management

Brain Injury Alliance Virtual Support Groups

This resource is for Arizona TBI and Stroke patients and their families to connect with the brain injury community.

Stroke Management, Traumatic Brain Injury Management, Wellness and Mindfulness

Caregiving (UAB)


Caregiver Resources (United Spinal Association)


Delay in SCI Care Among the US Immigrant Community

A poster presentation by Dr. Matthias Linke on SCI care among immigrants in the US presented at the Consortium for Graduate Medical Education 11th Annual Resident Research Day.

Presentations and Education

Disability Advocacy (Ability360)

Law and Advocacy, Spinal Cord Injury Management, Stroke Management, Traumatic Brain Injury Management

DIY Wheelchair Repairs (New Mobility)


Friends of Aphasia – Tucson

Cofounded by Gabrielle Giffords, Friends of Aphasia is a resource for individuals and families managing aphasia through services, advocacy, and research promotion.

Speech and Aphasia

HIPAA (English)

VPMR Documents

HIPAA (Español)

VPMR Documentos (Español)

Insurances Accepted

List of insurance plans accepted at VPMR.

VPMR Documents


Connect with hundreds of individuals with aphasia and their loved ones from anywhere in the world. Live online meetups facilitated by speech-language pathologists and other aphasia experts are available 7 days a week FOR FREE.

Speech and Aphasia, Therapy and Rehabilitation

Living With Paralysis (Reeve Foundation)

Living with Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injury Management

Living with a SCI (MSKTC)

Living with Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injury Management

Location & Parking (English)

Instructions for finding our office and the best place to park your vehicle.

VPMR Documents

Ubicación y Direcciones de Estacionamiento (Español)

Instrucciones para encontrar nuestra oficina y el mejor lugar para aparcar su vehículo

VPMR Documentos (Español)

Male Fertility and SCI

Living with Paralysis, Presentations and Education, Spinal Cord Injury Management

Medical Records Request (English)

This form allows you to request your records from another practice to be sent to VPMR.

VPMR Documents, Medical Records